Why Use A Travel Agent?

Think of all the phenomenal resources you have at your fingertips just by utilizing the knowledge and services of a professional, unbiased travel agent. You get free advice and access to top travel suppliers including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Tours, Club Med and so much more!

What’s even better is that you regularly pay a lower price, or at least the exact same price, to a travel agent as you would by going direct to the cruise line, resort, or tour operator, with often times a thrown in discount or benefit from the travel agent! Not a dime out of your pocket is used for services of a travel agent because the supplier pays them. So why not be smart about travel and get the experts involved?

Best Value

Who better to plan your holiday than those experienced in the travel industry? A travel agent has the knowledge to sort through the endless possibilities of travel packages to find the best deals with maximum benefits. They know the differences between a fraud and a great price. Not only are travel agents able to give you the best valued holiday, but they are also the best valuable resource when it comes to planning and booking a holiday.

Free Advice

Travel agents can supply inside tips like what attractions to see, what foods to try, and what hotels to stay in at no extra charge. Your travel agent can walk you through your holiday plans and give you personal, unbiased advice. If you have questions or concerns, a travel agent can provide answers and insight knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your trip.

Expert Guidance

Travel agents know how to get you to place and what you need to make sure your holiday runs smoothly. You will be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. These agents know a good deal when they see one and will help ensure you don’t fall into any phony promotions.

Travel Agent - Reasons to use one

Reliable Resource

Travel agencies won’t be going out of business anytime soon. Agents know that if they don’t perform well, they lose business. If you book on your own and a problem arises, you can expect that you will have to fix and fight the problem yourself. With a travel agent, they are the ones who fight those battles and can help fix the problem so you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

Convenient One-Stop Shopping

Instead of spending hours searching through endless options and prices, you only need to go to one place and let the travel agent spend those hours doing the research for you. Every part of your trip – flights, hotels, transfers, tours…etc, can be put together by a travel agent, giving you more time to take care of personal matters.

Personal Relationship

Often, travel agencies are local and close to home so you can visit in person and get more clarification. You consistently work with one person who gets to know you and your likes and dislikes. Communication is between people rather than between a person and computer, giving your holiday a more personal feel. As you gain a personal relationship with your travel agent, they are better able to book a holiday that suits your needs and wants.

Travel Agent helps save money

Save Money

Instead of booking a flight here and hotel there, a travel agent can offer you a package deal with flight and hotel at a better value. A travel agent knows when there are good deals or extra benefits and can offer them to you, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Travel agents have long standing relationships with travel suppliers who gives them exclusive deals and the current information, so they are always obtaining the best deal.

Personalized Service

If the event there is a mix up in reservations or if you want an upgrade on a flight or cruise, a travel agent works on your behalf. They always have your back. You can customise your holiday without the worry and stress of arranging it yourself. A travel agent gets to know what you want and can incorporate that into your holiday. Booking a holiday will never feel more stress-free.

Impartial Advisers

The agent does not work for the cruise line, resort, or airline. They work for you and because they work for you, they can offer you the best price, value, and destination without being obligated to one supplier over another. Advice is based on personal experience and what they have heard from previous clients. Their direction and guidance come from what they know works.

More Time

A travel agent can take care of all the research work to incorporate what you want in your holiday. They book and print your documents for you, so you concentrate more on spending time with family and friends rather than with your computer. Leave the holiday homework to the experts while you get packing!

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