Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will open this year in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. Guest will feel as if they are playing inside their favourite Nintendo video games, in real life.

The one of a kind attraction developed with Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is expected to function as a mini theme park within Universal Studios Japan.

The format is expected to be replicated to Universal Studios Theme Parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore. However, no dates have been mentioned.

Super Nintendo World – Life Size Video Game

Guest will wear Power Up wristbands that are themed to different characters, so guests can select to wear one based on one of their favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters! The bands work with a smartphone app with the mission to collect coins and hit Question blocks while exploring the area in real life.

Visitors can even compete with other guests to see who collected the most coins, among other fun and friendly competitions. State-of-the-art technology is being used in the Super Nintendo World to bring these interactive activities to life.

Super Nintendo World will be a life size, living video game where game fans will become of the characters. They will not be just playing the game but living the game, living the adventure. Nintendo’s iconic locations and experiences will be brought to life, including Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Kart, Peach’s castle and Bowser’s Fortress.

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