Singapore Airlines To Offer New Meal Concept in Economy Class

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Singapore Airlines New Meal Concept

Singapore Airlines and Silk Air will offer a new meal concept for flights under 3.5 hours from 01 December 2020. Customer will be able to enjoy a greater variety of local Singapore and international cuisines in the new Economy Class meal concept.

Over 40 new dishes will be available on rotation on different flights, including favorites such as laksa and mee siam that were not available in Economy Class previously.

Singapore Airlines New Economy Meal Concept

New Packaging

Singapore Airlines replaced its plastic casserole service with a new packaging consisting of leak proof boxes, a dessert box, a cutlery pack made of bamboo and paper warp, and a cup made of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. The oven-safe box holds the same amount of food as the casserole, plus its deeper and more secure, allowing it to hold gravy and soupy dishes without seepage.

This change will reduce the amount of single use plastics. Leftovers and service ware will be brought back to Singapore and sent to an eco-digester and converted into pellets that can be used as a source of energy to replace fossil fuel.

Examples of New Economy Class Meal Concept

Main CourseBreakfast, All Day Dining• Congee with pork ball and century egg
• Mee Siam
• Fried carrot care with prawn
• Nasi lemak with chicken
• Chicken congee
• Scrambled egg with sauté spinach and potato, herb tomato sauce
• Scrambled egg, shakshuka spiced tomato sauce and chicken chipolata
• Pear cinnamon steel cut oat porridge
• Vegetable frittata, mushroom, baked bean ragout with bacon
• Tomato upma and sambar
Soups• Beef barley soup
• Beef goulash
• Chicken, leek and potato soup
• Smoked lentil with chorizo soup
• White bean with smoked duck soup
Lunch, Dinner (Western)• Chicken bolognaise
• Alfredo pasta
• BBQ chicken on potato cubes with roasted carrot and beans
• Penne pasta with tomato and basil sauce
• Penne samfaina catalan pisto
• Lamb albondigas
• Chicken ala king and cheese mash with roasted pumpkin
• Braised beef and mushroom ragout with mash potato
• Braised beef with dupay lentils, porridge polenta, and parmesan
• Beef bourguignon
Lunch, Dinner (Oriental)• Salted fish fried rice with chicken
• Sliced pork with ginger and fried rice
• Beef brisket with egg noodles
Lunch, Dinner (Ethnic)• Thai green curry chicken with steamed rice
• Laksa goreng
• Thai yellow curried fish with steamed rice
• Chicken curry with rice
• Dry mee siam
• Laksa
• Chicken biryani
• Tom yum bee hoon with cabbage, carrot, Thai chili
• Japanese chicken curry and rice
Desserts• Pulut hitam cake
• Ondeh ondeh cake
• Banana sugee cake
• Coffee milk jelly
• Raspberry cream cake
• Chocolate fudge cake
• Earl grey chiffon cake
• Coffee mousse with pecan crumble and pear compote
• Chocolate mousse with brownie crumble and salted caramel sauce
• Banana chocolate chip cake
• Coffee bavarian cream

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