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Seaman Fares Explained

Seaman is a vital component in running a successful maritime shipping operation. They enjoy special fares, ticket flexibility, additional luggage when they travel on selected airlines.

Seaman is a vital component in running a successful maritime shipping operation. Having crew members at the right place, at the right time will ensure the maritime industry runs like a well-oiled machine. Thus booking flights for ship’s crew travel is essential to help the naval sector effectively manage its workforce.

Who can use Seaman Fares?

The conditions for seaman fares vary from regular tickets. Let’s see who is eligible.

  • Ship personnel with a valid seaman’s book or crew ID
  • A letter of employment
  • An authorized crew agency approval
  • For service engineers, a letter of appointment issued by the shipowner
Book Seaman Fares In Malaysia

The Difference between Seaman and Regular Fares

Ticket Flexibility with Change and Cancellations

Seaman fares have a lot of flexibility to make flight changes as ships’ schedules are subject to changes. Crew change often gets delayed due to the vessel not arriving at the port on time or other external issues. Especially now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, travel restrictions can change daily. Airlines are well aware of these issues and offer flexibility for seaman fares, meaning there are no cancellation fees in most cases.

Additional Luggage

A ship crew needs to be prepared for everything, plus most of their contracts can last up to 6 months. Therefore they carry a lot more luggage than average passengers. In most cases, contractors, engineers, and maintenance staff will bring additional equipment to or from the ship.

Different airlines offer different luggage allowances. In most cases, seaman fare is twice the luggage allowance of regular tickets.

No minimum or maximum stay

Due to the nature of the ship’s crew travel and changes in the sign-on and sign-off dates, seaman fares do not have a minimum or maximum stay. Crew managers usually book one-way tickets as they don’t know if the off-signers will get another contract.

Where can you book Seaman fares?

Seaman fares must be booked with an authorized travel agency. These fares are not available through flights comparison sites like Skyscanner or Kayak.

Crew managers can contact Leisure Holidays Travel for assistance to book Seaman fares. Do note, seaman fares are only available on selected airlines.

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