Price Increment for Encore Melaka Admission Ticket

Effectively from 1st July 2019, the admission ticket for Encore Melaka will be increased by RM20 for each category. Besides that, there will not be any price difference on the admission ticket between the locals & the foreigners.

You may refer to this price list below:

  • Standard – RM148
  • Standard Child (MyKad Holder)RM74
  • Standard Student (MyKad Holder)RM74 (must present student identification)
  • Standard Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM74
  • Premium – RM248
  • Premium Child (MyKad Holder)RM124
  • Premium Student (MyKad Holder)RM124 (must present student identification)
  • Premium Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM124
  • VIP – RM568
  • VIP Child (MyKad Holder)RM284
  • VIP Student (MyKad Holder)RM284
  • VIP Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM284
  • *Wheel Chair – RM98
  • *Infant 0-4 years old watches for FREE but is required to sit on the same seat as parent

To enjoy an additional 25% off your admission, you can purchase Encore Melaka it from Leisure Holidays. You can refer to our price list below:

  • Standard Adult – RM148 RM111
  • Standard Child (MyKad Holder)RM74 RM56
  • Standard Student (MyKad Holder)RM74 RM56
  • Standard Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM74 RM56
  • Premium – RM248 RM186
  • Premium Child (MyKad Holder)RM124 RM93
  • Premium Student (MyKad Holder)RM124 RM93
  • Premium Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM124 RM93
  • VIP – RM568 RM426
  • VIP Child (MyKad Holder)RM284 RM213
  • VIP Student (MyKad Holder)RM284 RM213
  • VIP Senior *above 55 years (MyKad Holder)RM284 RM213
  • *Wheel Chair – RM98 RM74

Last but not least, Encore Melaka is having their 1st year anniversary now and you will be able to purchase 2 standard/premium seating tickets for RM77 only! Be quick as it is selling off fast and only valid for July 2019 shows!

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