New Zealand ETA

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority Application

Starting 01 October 2019, visitors will not be allowed to travel to New Zealand without a visa or an NZeTA.

Starting 01 October 2019, visitors will require a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority or NZeTA.

What is NZeTA?

NZeTA is short for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. It’s an electronic visa waiver that needs to be applied before going to New Zealand.

Who Needs NZeTA?

Travellers from visa waiver countries and staying in New Zealand for less than 3 months, will need to obtain NZeTA from 01 October 2019.

Which are New Zealand Visa Waiver Countries?

Here are New Zealand Visa Waiver Countries for 2019. The following countries do not need visa for stays up to 3 months but need to obtain NZeTA.

AndorraIrelandSan Marino
ArgentinaIsraelSaudi Arabia
BahrainKorea – SouthSingapore
BelgiumKuwaitSlovak Republic
BrazilLatvia – citizens onlySlovenia
BulgariaLithuania – citizens onlySweden
ChileMacau – Macau Special Administrative Region Passport onlyTaiwan
CroatiaMalaysiaUnited Arab Emirates
CyprusMaltaUnited Kingdom
Czech RepublicMauritiusUnited States of America
Estonia – citizens onlyMonacoVatican City
Hong Kong – HKSAR or British National Overseas passports onlyPortugal

What if I want to stay longer than 3 months?

You will need to apply for a holiday visa, working holiday visa, work visa or one of the other New Zealand visas, depending on the nature of your plans in New Zealand.

Do I need a NZeTA if I am on transit?

Yes, you will need the NZeTA as long as you are setting foot to New Zealand. It could only be for a day to board a cruise or transiting to another country without leaving the airport, you will need to apply for NZeTA.

Who is exempted from NZeTA?

Citizen of Australia and Australia Permanent Residents are exempted from NZeTA. Proof of permanent resident visa will be required.

Countries who are not part of the New Zealand visa waiver program will be required to apply for visa online or through the embassy.

What is the validity of NZeTA?

The NZeTA is valid for 2 years with multiple entries.

How long does it take to process the NZeTA?

Process can take a matter of minutes. But in some cases, it can take up to 72 hours.

What is IVL?

IVL is short for International Visitor Conservations and Tourism Levy, also introduced in 2019, is a tourism and conservation tax. The levy goes towards maintaining tourism infrastructure and to help protect nature that makes New Zealand famous.

The NZeTA and IVL are paid at the same time to make the process easier.

How to apply for NZeTA?

The NZeTA can be applied via the mobile app or website –

How much does the NZeTA and IVL cost?

The NZeTA will costs NZD $9 via the mobile app, or NZD $12 via the website. The IVL will cost NZD $35 via mobile app or website.

When to apply for the NZeTA?

The NZeTA should be applied at least 2 weeks before departure but we recommend to apply as soon as you book your holiday.

Do I need to print the NZeTA?

We highly recommend to print a hard copy as well as save a copy on your phone. You will be denied boarding the plane or cruise ship if you don’t have NZeTA or can proof that you have obtained one.

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