My Travel Pass Requirements

My Travel Pass is abolished for Malaysians traveling abroad. Foreigners are still required to apply for My Travel Pass to enter Malaysia.

Update 10 Oct 2021 – The Malaysian Prime Minister announced that effective 11 October 2021, My Travel Pass is abolished for Malaysians traveling overseas. All travelers must be fully vaccinated and observe 14 days quarantine upon returning to Malaysia.

My Travel Pass (MTP) is a travel approval issued by the Malaysia Immigration Department

NationalityEnter MalaysiaExit Malaysia
MalaysiansMTP Not RequiredMTP Not Required
ForeignersMTP RequiredMTP Not Required

My Travel Pass to Exit Malaysia

Effective 11 October 2021, My Travel Pass is abolished for Malaysians traveling overseas. Foreigners do not require approval to leave Malaysia.

If you need any assistance booking your flight, private car transfer to the airport, or pre-departure home PCR Test, please reach out to the Leisure Holidays Reservations Team via WhatsApp.

My Travel Pass to enter Malaysia

Non-Malaysians are required to apply for My Travel Pass to enter Malaysia. The process can take a few weeks to process. Please provide as much documentation as possible to avoid the application being rejected. An appeal letter in Bahasa Malaysia with strong and valid reasons to enter Malaysia is helpful in getting the application approved.

Malaysians are free to return home without any prior approval. The National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) has removed the Letter of Undertaking (LOU) requirement since 01 May 2021.

All travelers (Malaysians and non-Malaysians) must undergo mandatory home quarantine or hotel quarantine for a minimum of 14 days irrespective of vaccination status.

Non-Malaysians Must Apply for My Travel Pass to Enter Malaysia
Non-Malaysians Must Apply for My Travel Pass to Enter Malaysia

My Travel Pass Pending Applications

If your My Travel Pass application has been pending for more than 14 days, or if you are struggling to get an approval, and you are currently in Malaysia, we recommend that make a visit to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) at Putrajaya.


Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Putrajaya


  • Outdoor parking is available
  • Printing and photocopy service is available at the cafeteria of JIM building
  • Office is closed for lunch between 1pm and 2pm

Documents that you need to submit

  • My Travel Pass Application Email
  • Appeal letter stating your reasons you need to travel
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Vaccination
  • Copy of Visa, if applicable
  • Copy of Employment letter
  • Phone and email contact
  • Any other documents to support your appeal.

Applicants with NXF2021 reference numbers for their My Travel Pass applications can use the drop off box at JIM to submit their appeal for approval.

Our customers have shared their My Travel Pass was approved (with valid reason) from within several hours to a few days after submitting their documents at Putrajaya.

Important – Regulations are constantly changing. We will update the content of this post as we learn of new procedures and changes from our own experience and sharing from our customers.


    • Hi Luke, My Travel Pass can take a few hours, up to weeks to approve. Please ensure you have provided all the necessary supporting documents.

      If you are in Malaysia and need to urgently travel, suggest you visit JIM in Putrajaya. Our customer visited them last Friday morning and got her MTP approved on Friday afternoon.

    • Do I need to make appointment with JIM for Travel Pass since I have already submitted my application since Sept 13 and until now still have not receive any reply from them.

      • Hi Evelyn, we have updated our blog post on the next steps for pending applications. Print out all your documents including your pending travel pass application plus enclosed an appeal letter with valid reason to travel. You will need to visit Putrajaya to submit your documents. We have customers that have done this, and they received their approval within hours to a few days.

  1. I’ve applied for travel pass almost a month now. I dont have any reply or response from Immigration of Malaysia. I’ve called and email many times but no reply n nobody answering the calls.
    I provided all required documents but nothing so far. I’ve got the invitation letter, Offer letter, Contract and all revelant documents for work. They just dont seem to bother. What should i do? Can i travel without my travel pass for work. My email

    • Hi Krishnakumaroo, we suggest that you print out all your documents including your pending travel pass application, write an appeal letter to JIM and drop off the documents at Putrajaya. We have updated our blog post on the next steps for pending applications.

  2. I am a Malaysian working in Saudi Arabia,
    1. Do I need a travel pass to enter Malaysia?
    2. I have a resident permit from Saudi Arabia, When I am in Malaysia,do I still need a Travel Pass going back to Saudi Arabia? If yes, can I apply online while being in Malaysia or do I need to go to the Immigration Dept.

    • Hi Terbinderjeet, Malaysians do not require Travel Pass to enter Malaysia.

      You do not need to apply for Travel Pass to exit Malaysia if you have a long-term pass abroad (PR residents, Resident Permits…etc).

  3. Hello, if MM2h pass holders, considered long term pass holders right, if he wants to go back to original country, he does not need to apply to exit but does he need to apply to come in to Malaysia again?

    • Hi Serene, that is correct. We highly encourage to get the re-entry travel pass approved before departing from Malaysia.

      • Hi..if i dont have long term pass is there other alternative to do long term pass in spore malaysia embassy there..cause my wife n children are malaysian i going back to see them any idea…

        • Hi Mohd Ridwan, are you a Malaysian working in Singapore? If yes, you should have a work permit, which is a long-term pass.

          If you are a Singaporean, you will need to apply for My Travel Pass to enter Malaysia.

  4. Hi i am Malaysian. Work permit holder in Singapore. Planning to go in November under PCA. Do I need to apply MyTravelPass before entering Malaysia and exit from Malaysia.

    • Hi Jothi, Malaysians do not need My Travel Pass to return home. If you are holding a long-term pass which includes resident or work permits, you are exempted from My Travel Pass. We recommend that you carry a letter from your current company as additional proof of employment overseas.

  5. Hi, I am a Non-Malaysian on a student pass in Malaysia. I have my son and husband on the dependent pass. Do we need to get the my travel pass for all three of us? If yes, then when should I apply for it? I plan on visiting my home country in November. Also, what supporting documents would I need to be submitting for all three of us? Thanks

    • Hi Saman, non-Malaysians are required to apply for My Travel Pass to enter Malaysia. Please apply as soon as possible as the process can take weeks. If the application is rejected, you will need to resubmit, and it take weeks again to process. There are travelers that have their application rejected multiple times due to insufficient documentation or the ability to provide a strong reason to enter Malaysia.

      We recommend that you submit as much documentation as possible to support the reason that you need to come to Malaysia including letter from the university, proof of relationship of your son and husband, etc.

  6. Iam in malaysia now on a work permit and Indian national
    It’s been long I visited my elderly parents can I go to JIM for approval for my travel to India and from India to MY??

    • Hi Indranee, foreigners don’t need approval to exit Malaysia. However, you will require My Travel Pass to re-enter Malaysia.

      You will need to apply for My Travel Pass online – If your application is pending pass the processing period or rejected, you can visit JIM to resubmit your documentation and an appeal letter.

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