Osaka Amazing Pass – Must Visit Places

What are the must visit places using the Osaka Amazing Pass.

If you ever travel to Osaka, get yourself the Osaka Amazing Pass. With this pass, you not only gain access to over 35 attractions, you also get to travel around with the Osaka Metro lines & Osaka city buses for free! If you would like to know more about what is included in the pass, you may read it on this link.

As it was my first time in Osaka, I find it easy & cost saving using the Osaka Amazing Pass. The 2 days pass that I bought covered a lot of sights that I was looking forward to visit. By just taking the metro lines, I have already saved me a couple of hundred ringgits! Most of the sightseeing places or attractions require a small fee for entrance. If it weren’t for the Osaka Amazing Pass, we might spend a lot more extra on the entry.

Here are the must visit places with Osaka Amazing Pass

  1. Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle, also known as Osakajo used to be the largest castle during the 16th century. Here you will get to learn about the history of Osaka Castle & how it is what it is today after being attacked and struck by lightning. Besides that, you also get to visit the highest floor of the castle with an amazing panoramic view of the city. Here at the Osaka Castle, you will get to cross a few things off your Osaka Amazing Pass list such as the Nishinomaru Garden & Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat that will be mentioned on No.2 & 3.

2. Nishinomaru Garden – Osaka Castle

Nishinomaru Garden, the most beautiful garden in Osaka if you visit at the right time. This lawn garden is filled with 600 cherry trees (sakura), a tea house, the former Osaka Guest House and nice views of the castle from below. Unlike the rest of the castle grounds, the garden requires an admission fee if you do not have the Osaka Amazing Pass.

3. Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat

You got the view from the top of the castle and from the garden. Now it is time for a view around the castle in a golden boat! The Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat, also known as “The Golden Wasen” brings you around moats of the Osaka Castle where you get to look closely at the stone walls along with some history knowledge about the construction of these walls.

4. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

It may look small in the picture but believe me, this is one of the world’s largest ferris wheel! The Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel soars 112.5 meters high and has a diameter of 100 meters. If you visit during a sunny day, the ride offers view of Mount Ikoma to the east, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge to the west, Kansai International Airport to the south, and the Rokko mountains to the north. If you come during a festive season at night, this giant ferris wheel will turn into a giant billboard displaying cute festive wishes and animation!

5. Tsutenkaku Tower

Get the chance to visit one of the most iconic tower in Osaka, the Tsutenkaku Tower. Take a short trip to the top of the tower and enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view from 100 meters above ground! Drop by at Shinsekai for a yummy lunch or dinner and to capture the Tsutenkaku Tower from a beautiful angle.

6. UMEDA Sky Building Observatory

Be fascinated when you visit the UMEDA Sky Building Observatory as you rise to 170 meters high with the world’s highest escalator. It is called the “Sky building” because of its height and the feeling you get when you find yourself in the escalator – you felt as if you hover into thin air. Not forgetting, an incredible never ending 360 degrees view of Osaka city.

7. Glion Museum

If you love cars, this is a place you definitely not want to miss. Glion Museum is a classic car museum with approximately 250 classic cars including BMW, Rolls Royce and more. Besides the museum, they also have a showroom that has a variety of super cars available for purchase.

8. Keitakuen Garden

Take a stroll through the lovely Keitakuen Garden. Centered on a big pond with an island, the garden creates a landscape full of variety, with artificial hills in three directions. The walking path, steppingstones and bridges are strategically placed, and there is also a teahouse, a summerhouse, a gazebo, etc.

There are many more places to visit

There are still a lot more of activities and places that are included in the Osaka Amazing Pass that are interesting. However, because of time limitation during Winter season, we cover not as much attractions as expected because most of the facilities closes early.

Interested to find out more? You can purchase your day passes from us here!

  • 1 Day Osaka Amazing Pass – RM102
  • 2 Days Osaka Amazing Pass – RM136

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