Malaysia Airlines New Fare Structure to All Destinations

Malaysia Airlines to introduce Lite fares with 0kg checked baggage allowance to ASEAN and South Asia routes.

Malaysia Airlines new fare structure, Horizontal Fare Family offers customers a wider variety of fares based on their travel needs.

Malaysia Airlines New Fare Structure

The new fare structure comprises of three categories – Lite, Basic and Flex. Each category has different benefits.

Economy Class

Fare FamilyLiteBasicFlex
Cabin BaggageUp to 7kgUp to 7kgUp to 7kg
Inflight meal & beverageYesYesYes
Checked BaggageNoUp to 20kgUp to 35kg
RebookingNoOne free change with fare difference Unlimited free change with fare difference
Upgrade using milesNoYesYes
Child DiscountNo10%25% *NEW*
Standard Seat SelectionWith FeeWith FeeFree
Go ShowNoNoYes
Earn Enrich MilesYesYesYes
Priority check-in, boarding & baggage NoNoYes
Basic Travel Protection NoNoYes
Neighbor free seatNoNo50% Off

Business Class

Malaysia Airlines maintains Business Class as vertical fare family (VFF)

Fare FamilyPromoFlexSuite
Cabin BaggageUp to 7kg x 2 piecesUp to 7kg x 2 piecesUp to 7kg x 2 pieces
Inflight meal & beverageYesYesYes
Checked BaggageUp to 40kgsUp to 40kgsUp to 40kgs
RebookingOne free change with fare difference *NEW*Unlimited free change with fare difference Unlimited free change with fare difference
Seat SelectionFreeFreeFree
Lounge AccessYesYesYes
Priority check-in, boarding & baggage YesYesYes

Travel tips when booking Malaysia Airlines flights

Before making a booking on Malaysia Airlines, determine if you need check-in baggage. Why? It’s cheaper to purchase a fare with baggage allowance instead of buying the Lite Fare and add extra baggage allowance separately.

When searching for flights on Leisure Holidays website, be sure to click the “View Details” to check the included baggage allowance in the fare offered.

Click “View Details”
Check information on “Baggage Allowance”

Horizontal Fare Family Frequent Asked Questions

What is the new Free Baggage Allowance?

Fare FamilyLiteBasicFlex
Check-in Baggage0kgUp to 20kgUp to 35kg
Fare ClassEconomy (O to Y)Economy (O to Y)Economy (O to Y)

What is the Malaysia Airlines Infant fare and baggage allowance?

Infant fare will be 10% of the applicable adult fare. Baggage allowance is 0kg for Lite fare and 10kgs for Basic and Flex fares.

Are Malaysia Airlines Enrich Members entitled to extra baggage allowance?

Enrich Members are entitled to extra baggage allowance based on their membership tier.

Enrich TierLiteBasicFlex
Platinum0kg + 20kg = 20kg20kg + 20kg = 40kg35kg + 30kg = 65kg
Gold0kg + 15kg = 15kg20kg + 15kg = 35kg35kg + 15kg = 50kg
Silver0kg + 5kg = 5kg20kg + 5kg = 25kg35kg + 5kg = 40kg

Oneworld members are also entitled to extra baggage allowance.

Oneworld TierLiteBasicFlex
Emerland0kg + 20kg = 20kg20kg + 20kg = 40kg35kg + 20kg = 55kg
Sapphire0kg + 15kg = 15kg20kg + 15kg = 35kg35kg + 15kg = 50kg

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