Malaysia Airlines Domestic Lite Fares – 1kg check-in baggage allowance

Malaysia Airlines Domestic Economy Lite fares will be given a complimentary one (1) kg free baggage allowance.

The 1kg entitlement will be shown on our website when making a flight search.

1kg free baggage allowance for Malaysia Airlines Domestic Lite fares.
Example of the 1kg free baggage allowance

Guest travelling on Domestic Economy Lite fares with check-in baggage of example 10kgs, Malaysia Airlines will honour the 1kg free baggage allowance entitlement on the ticket.

Passenger will be charged 9kgs excess baggage. The extra baggage can be purchased online and select the ‘bundle” weight option.

Malaysia Airlines tickets can be purchased on Leisure Holidays

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    • In general, you cannot combine your baggage allowance. However, you can try if you are travelling with the same PNR booking number and present yourselves together at the check-in counter.


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