KLIA Arrival Procedure

Our guide to KLIA arrival procedure. All travellers are required to quarantine at the first point of arrival into Malaysia.

Are you planning to return to Malaysia? Here is our guide to KLIA arrival procedure. All travelers are required to quarantine at the first point of arrival in Malaysia. For example, if you are flying London – Kuala Lumpur – Kuching. You will need to quarantine in Kuala Lumpur (first point of arrival in Malaysia). If you are flying direct to Penang, check our Penang Airport Arrival Procedure.

KLIA Arrival Procedures
Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Step 1 – Deplane

Make your way to the aerotrain. Connect to airport wifi (if you do not have a data plan), and use the toilets at the satellite area. 

Step 2 – Aerotrain Station

Scan the QR code with MySejahtera app (App StoreGoogle Play). Please register using a gmail or yahoo as the verification code is not workable for international mobile numbers and certain email addresses.

Step 3 – Transfer to Main Terminal Building

Take a shuttle bus located one floor down from the Aerotrain station. 

Step 4 – Temperature scan and form filling station

Scan your temperature and fill in the manual form if you cannot check in using the MySejahtera app. You can also purchase a SIM card in this area. 

Step 5 – Station 1: Health Forms

Ministry of Health staff will assist in processing your health forms. Present your passport, Covid-19 test results, and any other supporting documents. You will need to get a Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to departure.

Step 6 – Station 2: Covid-19 Test

Put your passport and form in the tray. Wait for your name to be called. Enter the test area for a nose and throat swab. If you are tested positive, you will be referred to the nearest hospital. If you are tested negative, you will proceed to the next station.

Step 7 – Station 3: APM and Payment

Cash and credit card payments are accepted. 

Step 8 – Station 4: Immigration

Clear immigration and proceed to the next station.

Step 9 – Station 5:  APM Registration

Scan QR code and fill in The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) form on your phone. 

Step 10 – Station 6: Transport Arrangements

Standard Quarantine package will need to wait for the bus to the hotel. The officer will call your name to board the bus. Travellers booking Premium Quarantine Package will be taken to a designated driver for transfer to the hotel. 

Step 11 – Claim Your Luggage 

Collect your luggage at baggage claim. 

Step 12 – Sanitize Luggage

Walk out of the terminal and place bags for sanitizing spray.

Step 13 – Board The Bus

Place your luggage in the bus luggage area and board the bus.

Additional information: Keep your documents in a folder. Bring your pen and have your phone connected. You can connect to airport wifi if you do not have a data plan. Please allow at least 2 hours to clear the KLIA arrival procedure and another hour travel time from the airport to hotel.

Bonus Tip: Keep a summary of the following information on one sheet or phone to help will filling up forms, instead of looking through different documents.

  1. Identity Card Number
  2. Passport Number
  3. Flight Number
  4. Seat Number
  5. Address in Malaysia
  6. Emergency Contact
  7. Vaccination Date
  8. Quarantine Hotel Address
  9. Airport Pick Up Driver’s Name and Number (For Premium Quarantine Hotel).

Download summary sheet in PDF

Tips on what to pack for quarantine

Things To Pack For Quarantine

You are not permitted to leave your room during quarantine, so it is essential to pack the things you need. The hotel will deliver food and beverages to your room, but sometimes the food can get a little boring after a few days. All hotels have wifi, but the strength and quality vary. It’s recommended to get a SIM card with data plan when you arrive at the airport.

Packing List

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Books
  • Travel adaptor
  • Pen
  • Toiletries – Shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Vitamins and medication
  • Essential oils
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes
  • Snacks – dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, crackers, sweets, instant oatmeal, herbal tea…etc
  • Alcohol (if inclined)
  • Metal cutlery
  • Credit card
  • Yoga mat, resistance band, and other compact workout equipment.

How To Occupy Your Time

  • Exercise, yoga, and meditation
  • Movies
  • Reading
  • Video Chats
  • Online Course

For Kids

  • Colouring books, pencils, crayons
  • Board games, puzzles, and playing card
  • Game console
  • Favorite toys, pajamas,
  • Schoolwork or projects.

Please pack any other items that might be useful in making your quarantine more comfortable and that can reasonably fit in the bag.


  1. Hello, is it possible Step 10 “Transfer to Hotel” should be after Step 12?, is because seems confusing you will not pick up your luggage before you are sent to a special location to go to the hotel… Thanks!

    • Hi DRG, thank you for the feedback. We have changed the title to “Step 10 – Transfer Arrangements”, we hope it’s clearer and makes sense now. Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions for us to improve. 🙂

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