How To Apply for Home Quarantine in Malaysia

Effective 20 September 2021, Ministry of Health has announced new procedures for home quarantine application for international arrivals.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia, on 20 September 2021, has announced an online home quarantine application process for travelers arriving from overseas.


  • Fully vaccinated – more than 14 days after the second dose for double dose vaccines or 28 days after single-dose vaccines.
  • Suitable home or residence based on risk evaluation
    • Number of persons in said home or residence
    • Number of elderly persons in said home or residence (above 60 years of age)
    • Number of children in said home or residence (below 12 years of age)
    • Number of persons with chronic illnesses in said home or residence
    • Number of pregnant mothers in said home or residence
    • Number of rooms in said home or residence
    • Number of bathrooms in said home or residence
    • Number of bedrooms with en suite bathrooms
  • Negative Covid-19 PCR Test
Malaysia Home Quarantine For International Arrivals
Fully vaccinated individuals can now apply for home quarantine in Malaysia

Application for Home Quarantine

  1. Visit Ministry of Health eCovid19 Home Quarantine Application website
    – Up to ten travelers per application at one quarantine address
  2. Enter applicant’s MyKad or Passport information
    – Applicant can be a traveler, a family member, or a representative
  3. Enter traveler’s information
    – Name, IC/Passport Number, Nationality, Date of Birth, Vaccine Type, Dose Dates
    – Country of departure, date of departure, flight number, arrival date, and time
    – Quarantine full address including risk evaluation information
    – Submit seven to ten days before entry into Malaysia
  4. Upload required documents
    – Vaccination documents (maximum file size: 250kb)
    – Application will be processed within seven working days


  • New – Quarantine period for fully vaccinated individuals have been reduced to 7 days and unvaccinated or uncomplete vaccination to 10 days.
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement with a passcode to check your application status online. Please check your spam folder as the email has been reported to be found in this section.
  • Home quarantine approvals are valid for one month from the date of approval and for single entry only. If you change your flight date within the one-month validity, reapplication is not required.
  • Rules are constantly changing. We will update this post as we learn from our customers’ experiences or when changes are made by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, or local authorities.
How to apply for home quarantine in Malaysia
KKM Twitter (Source)

Travelers with onward domestic connection

International arrival travelers with onward connection to following domestic destinations and has obtained the approval of “Home Quarantine”, are allowed to continue journey. They will be given the quarantine wristband/ surveillance bracelets upon arrival at the destination’s airport and undergo 14-days quarantine period.

Travelers with an onward domestic connection to the following destinations will be given and required to wear a wristband at KLIA. Travelers will receive a letter “Kebenaran Menaiki Kenderaan Awam” issued by the Medical Officer (MO) at KLIA.

  • Alor Setar
  • Kota Bharu
  • Terengganu
  • Kuantan
  • Johor

HSO KKM Phone Number and Email Address

In case you need to reach the HSO committee, here is the phone number and email address

Phone: 03-88810600 or 03-88810700 or 03-88810200
Whatsapp: 60178429454
Email: or
Operational hours are 8am to 5pm.

Home Quarantine Services Upon Arrival

The Leisure Holidays reservations team is ready to assist you with the arrangement of PPE Transporter from airport to home and home PCR test (within Klang Valley) on day ten of your quarantine. The home quarantine arrangement starts from RM399 for a single person or RM629 for two persons.

Contact our team by WhatsApp for assistance and arrangements.

Travellers Not Meeting Home Quarantine Requirements

Travellers not meeting the requirements for home quarantine will need to undergo mandatory quarantine at a standard or Premium quarantine hotel. It is recommended to book the premium quarantine hotel at least two weeks before arrival due to limited rooms.


  1. So you have to take a chance and send the application as soon as you have a negative PCR test. *Proof of negative RT-PCR test 3 days before departure* How can you be sure you will get a reply and approval to home quarantine prior to landing at KLIA?

    • Hi Kenneth, you will need to email your home quarantine application with relevant documents for approval by the HSO committee. Travelers should make the application as early as possible; due processing may take time as there are currently many applications. If the HSO committee approves home quarantine, you will need to show your proof of negative PCR test to KKM staff when you arrive at the airport in Malaysia, in addition to the other criteria.

      • Hi Eugine, may I ask what documents are required to be shown as proof of living condition for home quarantine. My husband is renting a property in Ara Damansara for convenience to travel to work but should I arrive for quarantine, he is willing to move to our other house in Klang. However, my question is do I need to proof that? If so how?

        • Hi Iswari, your home quarantine address in the application form should match the address registered in MySejahetra.

      • Hi mr Eugene. I already got approval for home quarantine by email from MOH, did I still need to apply thru online application for home quarantine? Thanks

      • Hello Eugene,

        May i know how long it takes for MOH to reply our application through email? I have just sent an email to them but feeling anxious about the reply duration…

        Thank you.

        • Hi Jess, under normal circumstances, you will receive a response within 7 days. If you still do not have a response, please visit the home quarantine application pending lane at KLIA for assistance.

      • Hello, do you know if kids under 13 need to be fully vaccinated too to qualify for the home quarantine? Thank you

        • Hi Shaleen, kids below 13 don’t need to be vaccinated but their names must be in the home quarantine application.

      • Hi B, the home quarantine approval is valid for one month from the date of approval. Therefore a re-application is not required unless your new arrival date is more than a month difference from the original.

    • Hi Robert, KKM classifies high risk countries as those with reported transmission of SARS-CoV-2 type VOCs in the community involving four types of variants: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

  2. Hi Eugene, many thanks for this. Is there a list of countries that count as high risk? 5C? 23C? Are they planning to update these lists based on latest data (some countries were added in 2020 and never removed)? It would help to have a clear idea so se can manage expectations and know if we are even eligible to apply or not.

    • Hi Sonia, the Ministry of Health (KKM) has not disclosed which data source they are using. The Minister of Health has also updated that KKM will do a risk assessment based on country variant of concern (VOC) as a criterion for home quarantine.

  3. Basically you are saying we don’t have to attach the negative PCR test results during home quarantine application as long we can show the test results during arrival right? If it is so, then it makes things a lot easier.

  4. Hi, does this mean that we don’t have to attach the negative PCR test results during home quarantine application? As long as we can provide the test results during arrival at Malaysia (provided that I’ve applied for the home quarantine), it should be fine right?

    • Hi Kevin, based on the information request on the home quarantine application form, it is not required to attach the negative PCR test.

  5. Hello. I have tried searching online for the official news with regard to the procedure you have described above but to no avail. May I know where is the official source for this? Thanks

  6. my wife in China she only have Covid-19 in Chinese version shown her name in Chinese and ID only,will be problem in KL airport?

    • Hi Ping Yung, for home quarantine, your wife must be a PR or MM2H holder. You are required to provide the information in the application form, attached the vaccination card, and other relevant documents including a copy of passport (China passport has both Chinese and English names). The home quarantine must be applied in advance and subject to risk assessment and approval from HSO Committee in Ministry of Health (KKM).

      Do note, non-Malaysians are required to obtain the relevant entry approvals (MyTravelPass or relevant Immigration Department of Malaysia approvals) to enter Malaysia.

  7. Hi Eugene. I am a Malaysian returning to KL on 28 August from New Zealand. Your bullet point 1 – means I can just walk in? I fulfill the rest of the requirements- double dose Pfizer in July, house has 4 rooms with own en-suites so it’s suitable for home quarantine. I will go for the test 3 days before my departure.

    • Hi Jenny, if you fulfill the criteria, please fill in the application form, attach relevant documents and email to the HSO Committee for risk assessment and approval of home quarantine. Since 1 May 2021, Malaysians returning to Malaysia no longer required to sign the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU). The negative PCR test needs to be shown at the airport in New Zealand and on arrival in Malaysia.

  8. but they say malaysian and non malaysian can do a quarantine at home? Because im a foreighner and spouse of malaysian. . So i can apply for this?

    • Hi Alexander, if you are a Malaysian PR or MM2H holder and meeting the other criteria listed, you can apply for home quarantine. Approval will be subject to risk assessment by the HSO committee at KKM.

  9. How about families travelling with children below 18 years who don’t have their vaccinations yet? Can they follow their parents for home quarantine?

    • Hi Merel, at the time of writing, home quarantine is for fully vaccinated individuals only. Parents traveling with unvaccinated children will need to quarantine at a designated quarantine center unless there is a change in the SOP. We will update our post should there be any announcement.

  10. Hi Eugene, I am an EP holder and my mother in law is supposed to visit from Lebanon as a care giver during my wife’s child birth confinement in a month’s time. I already have an approval for MyTravel Pass. Mother in law is fully vaccinated and Lebanon is not within the Covid high risk countries. With a suitable accommodation, what do you think are my chances for success for home quarantine?

    • Hi Ben, home quarantine is currently open for Malaysia citizen, PR or MM2H holder. Your chances are extremely slim. You will need to provide an exceptionally good reason to Ministry of Health (KKM) for their risk assessment and consideration. Also care giver is not in the list of appeal for home quarantine.

  11. Hi regarding the form that need to file up, 1 of the question ask to attach proof of the PCR result can i write will provide the result upon arrival?

    • Hi Ean Ling, PCR test results are not part of the relevant supporting documents for home quarantine application. The HSO committee requires proof of vaccination (attach copy of vaccination card or other proof) and include information on date of vaccination, name of vaccine, date of first and second dose in the application form. The negative PCR test will be required to be shown at your departure airport and on arrival in Malaysia.

    • Hi Cola, to our knowledge, Malaysians and non-Malaysians will need to pay for the covid-19 test upon arrival at the airport and during quarantine.

  12. very recently Malaysia also formally accepted moderna for the Malaysian market. So I’m sure two doses of moderna should also be allowed.

    • Hi Kees, at the time of writing, Moderna is not on the list yet. SOPs are constantly changing so we hope it will be accepted soon.

  13. Hi Eugene, any word regarding RPT visa for home isolation? Seems pedantic and as per, illogical that RPT is not included

    • Hi Kenny, currently there is no word on RPT visa for home quarantine. SOPs are constantly changing; we will update our post should there be any change.

  14. This was precisely my thoughts. Doesn’t really make sense to add the proof of negative PCR test 3 days prior to departure as part of the application form. Especially knowing that should the test show positive, the airline would not accept and cannot board the plane or depart anyway. In either case, there’s the risk that you may not get their response in time.

    • Hi Iswari, we received an update this morning that the negative PCR test will be sent as a follow-up email to KKM. We have updated our post and marked it as “New.” You are correct; you will not be allowed to board the plane if you are tested positive.

  15. A suitable residence – can it be an empty house that belongs to a friend or relative that is loan out for the 14day’s quarantine?

    • Hi Samantha, to our knowledge, the home quarantine address must match the address registered in MySejahtera. Currently, there is no SOP stating if the house can belong to a friend or relative.

  16. Hi Eugene, two questions:
    1. what can we do when we tried to submit application for home quarantine when replied “Mailbox Full” and similarly with
    2. how can we register overseas vaccination 2 doses information into MySejahtera?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Joyce, happy to assist with answers.

      1. The mailbox is full due to high number of applications. We suggest that you try again later.

      2. If you are vaccinated overseas, please email to the following information together with a copy of vaccine card and passport or IC for assistance to add digital vaccine certificate in MySejahtera.

      a. Full Name
      b. Passport Number (for non-Malaysian) or IC Number (for Malaysians)
      c. Vaccination date
      d. Vaccine dose (first, second, or both doses)
      e. Vaccine type

      It may take up to 7 working days to process.

    • Hi Su Lin, you will need to provide your travel details as part of the supporting information for home quarantine application.

  17. Hey Eugene, thanks for taking the to respond to everyone here, appreciate it.

    Based on the reply above, since I’m fully vaccinated and choose to travel back to Malaysia and accept to quarantine in designated hotel, should i too send email to to update my MySejahtera digital certificate?

    • Hi Kevin, yes, you can send your vaccination details to the MySejahtera helpdesk to issue the digital certificate.

  18. Hi Eugene, so if I want to apply for myPass, I don’t need to attach the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU) and send it first? I also have emailed MOH for home quarantine and MySejahtera helpdesk to add digital vaccine certificate at MySejahtera app since I’m fully vaccinated (Moderna). Please do let me know what you think.

    • HI Thineshrao, since May 2021, LOU is no longer required. Malaysians can return to Malaysian without an approval. Non-Malaysians will need to apply for MyTravelPass.

  19. Hi Eugene
    Thanks for the great info

    I have a question
    1- I’m in malaysia and exit entry permission is in process. Hoping to get it soon=> should I apply for hso immediately after getting entry permission or wait till I leave the country and before returning back.

    • Hi Tashfeen, my recommendation is to apply as soon as you have the required information. Due to the high volume of applications, the process can take time and sometimes the HSO email box is full.

  20. Hi, I am a spouse of malaysian. But i stuck in india at present. I have to apply MTP already. Now am i eligible to apply home quarantine?. And also my wife and my new born baby(7months) in malaysia. I dont have spouse visa at present. But we have a marriage certificate from JPN. So can u plz guide to meet my family. Thanks in advance🙏

    • Hi Gopala, home quarantine is currently open to Malaysia citizens, PR and MM2H holders. If you are eligible, please submit the relevant information as required in the application form. Otherwise, you must quarantine at a hotel.

  21. Hi Eugene, my mother ( 76 years old) was in Singapore staying with my sister for more than a year and already vaccinated , could it be possible that my sister will send her to JB and I will travel from KL to pick her up in JB ?
    She cannot travel alone due to health reason.

  22. Hi Eugene Ooi,

    I am making enquiry on behalf of my friend. He recently went to Brazil to attend his wife’s funeral. His approval indicated that on his return to Malaysia he need to be quarantined at a Quarantine Centre.

    However, as of August 10, 2021 there is a change in SOP allowing “Quarantine At Home.” My friend has sent an email to KKM requesting for approval for him & his daughter to do the “Quarantine At Home.” He has submitted the request through email since August 11, 2021.

    His ETA at KLIA is on August 25, 2021. My question is how many days will KKM takes to grant the approval. Do you happened to know the telephone number of KKM for me to follow-up on this matter. Appreciate your comments.

    Have a nice day.

    Amir Bin Murad

    • Hi Amir, KKM requires 7 days to process. Please ensure all the relevant documents are provided to avoid delays. You can reach KKM through the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC), 03-88810600 or 03-88810700

    • Hi Theo, there is high possibility that the Netherlands is classified as high-risk.

      Hong Kong has lists fifteen countries as high-risk over Delta variant surge. This includes Malaysia and the Netherlands.

    • Hi Theo, I have replied to your comment yesterday. There is high possibility that the Netherlands might be classified as high-risk as Hong Kong recently listed Malaysia and the Netherlands as high-risk countries due to Delta variant surge.

  23. Hi Eugene, there are several flowcharts available on the internet for travellers entering Malaysia. Does the Malaysian government issue an official flowchart?

  24. Hello there!
    Thank you so much for the info. Where can you find the risk assessment of the other countries by the Malaysian government (there is the mention above that for example The Netherlands would be considered a high risk country). Could you provide a link where the countries are listed and we can check the latest updates?

  25. Thanks – another query on the form as per below:

    10. i. Name of quarantine station: does this mean the address for the home quarantine ?
    (if relevant)
    ii. Date of arrival:
    11. Full home address (if requests for home quarantine): parent address

    My sister has an empty house which is 3 houses away from my parent who is ill. So I will be quaranting at her house first before moving to my parent house.

  26. HI Eugene
    Do you know if you can go to a hotel for 2 nights after arrival from London to quarantine and then go to my house after day 3 just as added extra protection for my elderly mother.

  27. Hi Eugene, so this home quarantine is currently open to Malaysia citizens, PR and MM2H holders only, right? so for Singaporean who has Professional Visit pass only, cannot apply for home quarantine, right ?

    • Hi Rosy, the home quarantine is not open for other type of pass holders yet. We will update our post should we learn of any changes.

  28. My son back from Taiwan, he is a student 16years and not vaccine. Can he quarantine at home because he alone??

    • Hi Phoon Suit Theng, the chances are very slim. You can try sending an appeal to HSO with supporting documents and reasons you are requesting for home quarantine.

  29. Hi Eugene. Thank you for your informative post regarding home quarantine. Do you know if there is any other channel other than sending email to to apply for the home quarantine?I have sent three emails to the said email address and no response.I even cc to email could not be sent through as the quota of their email is reached, i think there are just too many people sending email to them) and and My husband is arriving from India on 31/8/2021. I have tried to apply earlier by sending the email on 18/8/2021 then 22/8/2021 and again on 24/8/2021 but yet no reply. I even called the crisis prevention and response centre (CPRC) at 03-77239300 on 22/8/2021 and they just asked me to be patient and wait for a reply. Do you have any experience on this issue and how can i go with it?Thank you so much!

    • Hi Athena, there is delays in approval for home quarantine due to overwhelming applications. We have guests that got approval on the day of their departure. Your husband must be ready for hotel quarantine in case he does not get approval, or he might want to delay his travel until he receives a reply from HSO.

  30. Hi Eugene,
    My friends have submitted the email with proofs 1 week ago, but no reply from HSO or anyone.
    Can I know if there’s any specific person they can contact for home quarantine?
    Thank you

    • Hi Ash, unfortunately there is no specific person. Just need to be patient and wait. Hope you get a reply soon.

  31. Hi Eugene
    Proof of negative RT-PCR test 3 days before departure – I am departing from London to KL arriving Sat 07.15 am (Malaysian time). Does the 3 days or 72 hours has to be up to arrival in KL or departure from London on Fri 11 am ?
    A bit confusing. Thanks

  32. Hi Eugene, I will be to UK. I am informed that Malaysians coming back from UK might not be eligible for Home Quarantine. Is that true. Thank you.

    • Hi Mal, recently KKM has classified UK as a high-risk country based on home quarantine rejection emails shared by our clients.

    • Hi Danny, yes, you are still required to download the MySejahtera app. If you are outside Malaysia, recommended to register using email to get the verification code as many travelers were unable to receive the code on the non-Malaysian mobile number.

  33. Hi Eugene. Thank you for your invaluable help to everyone. Really appreciate your time and effort. Was wondering how MySejahtera Traveller fits into the picture. I don’t see that in the app and I’m not quite sure of what needs to be done. Is it for reporting after quarantine period is over?

    • Hi Shireen, MySejahtera is a multi-functional app including check-in for contact tracing, reporting your health assessment, display your risk status, storing your vaccination digital certification and more. Please download the app and create an ID using your email.

      The traveler function is activated when you scan the QR code when you arrive in Malaysia. You will need to fill in the form in the app and answer health assessment questions during your quarantine under the “Things To Do” section in the app.

  34. Hi Good Day, I had send out email for home quarantine for my expatriates but haven’t receive any information yet.
    He will be coming back on 12 Sept 2021.

    Please advise if I can get the contact number.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Elvina, please be patient while the HSO team is processing your application. They received a vast number of applications, and some have sent multiple applications which is filling up their mailbox and slowing down their process. There are many that receive their application status for home quarantine a day or two before their departure date.

      We highly recommend that you book a premium quarantine hotel while waiting for home quarantine approval. You can contact our reservations team for assistance – or WhatsApp, 6011-38789248. If your home quarantine is approved, you can cancel the hotel quarantine.

  35. Hi Eugene,

    My question is regarding to home quarantine.
    Do we need to have our own house which registered under our name for the quarantine? Or quarantine at our parent’s house is allowed? My 2nd question is,actually I’m returning from Singapore .So, do i need to get an approval letter from a police station to go back to my hometown in “Taiping Perak ” from Johor custom Checkpoint ?

    In advance thanks for your reply 🙏

    • Hi Mages, based on our learnings and experience, the home quarantine place must be the same address as registered in MySejahtera. The place of quarantine must be suitable (separate room with attached bathroom) and should not have any elderly or sick persons.

      For transportation, we suggest you take a flight from Singapore to Ipoh and arrange a PPE transporter from airport to home in Taiping.

  36. Hi Eugene. I sent an inquiry yesterday which doesn’t seem to show up. Was wondering about MySejahtera Traveller. How does that work. Do we have to register for that on top of the HOC home quarantine form? Thanks for your help

    • Hi Shireen, yes, you will need to download and create an ID in the MySejahtera app. We recommend using your email address for registration, rather than mobile number.

      On arrival you will need to scan the QR code and fill in the form in the app. Also, you will need to answer the health assessment in the app during your quarantine.

  37. Thanks Eugene.
    On MySejahtera, I have my UK mobile number as my SJID as I don’t have a local number. Can I change it to my email address in case they need to contact me?
    Secondly, I have applied for home quarantine, less likely I will get it as UK is high risk. Should I book my hotel standard package before arrival and where or at KLIA?

    • Hi Su Lin, you can change MySJ ID in the app. I would recommend that you book at premium quarantine hotel and cancel the reservations in the event you get approval for home quarantine. You can contact our reservations team at or WhatsApp +601138789248 for assistance to book a premium quarantine hotel. Standard package is based on luck, there are travelers that got good hotels, while some others get basic ones.

  38. Good morning, Eugene. I am in the same situation as Elvina. My boss (expat) is scheduled to fly back on 12/9 and am still awaiting reply from HSO Team. I managed to speak with one of the HSO officers yesterday and was told that the travel date is still far away. They will reply nearer to the travel date. You recommended to book a premium quarantine hotel first and cancel when home quarantine is approved. The premium hotel package, is it the same hotel rate if book via Leisure Holidays and if there is any penalty charged for the hotel cancellation? Thank you.

    • Hi PY, we offer the same rate as the hotel plus a small agency collection fee for assisting to search availability and coordinate the premium quarantine hotel. As for refund, the hotel will refund the unused nights if home quarantine is confirmed.

      • Good morning & many thanks, Eugene for the prompt reply.

        What about the airport transfers if home quarantine is granted? Can we arrange the hotel limo or have to use KKM’s?

          • Good morning, Eugene. Thanks for the airport transfers and home visit PCR test consultant arrangements which were truly helpful and ease our anxiety of where/ how to make such arrangement.

            Would appreciate it if you would kindly share with us on how to get the digital vaccine certificate to be downloaded in MySejatera, please (for Singaporean).

            Thank you.


          • Hi PY, to update the vaccination certificate, you will need to contact the District Health office (PKD) in your area for the application form (the form differs by office). Fill in the form and make an appointment to submit your relevant documents including copy of passport, vaccination card and electricity bill or any other documents for address verification.

            The location of PKD office can be found here:

      • Hi Eugene

        Another question …. how the Mysejatera works for non-citizen. Will the status be updated automatically? Completed the vaccine but how to insert the vaccine cert in the app? Thank you.

        • Hi PY, persons vaccinated overseas are now required to visit the District Health Office (PKD) and submit evidence that they have been fully vaccinated. PKD officials will then verify and send the information to MySejahtera to update the digital certificate in the app.

          • Good morning, Eugene and thanks again for your invaluable info. When are they suppose to visit the District Health Office (PKD) … after the quarantine period or can it be done at the KKM counter on the day of arrival @ KLIA?

            For home quarantine, the PUS still need to conduct the Covid-19 test on the 10th day and you mentioned a home visit for this test could be arranged. Can share some info, please.

    • Hi Anon, the risk status of a country will change from time to time. One of the factors is the variant of concern. South Korea just 3 days ago (03 Sep), detected the new “Mu” variant from 3 patients. KKM will be monitoring this variant closely as it has also been detected in a few other Asian countries.

  39. Hi is there anyway to contact HSO MOH department? like a phone number to enquire if they have received my application for home quarantine as I applied more then a week ago and still have not received a response.

    • Hi Brenton, response for your home quarantine application will be given closer to your departure date. Some travelers only received their approval a few days after they arrive in Malaysia.

  40. Due to the delay in MOH processing application for House Quarantine, most likely will need to postpone flight into Malaysia. How long is the approval for House Quarantine valid for?

    • Hi Christina, your home quarantine application will require your travel details which includes your flight number, travel date, etc. If you postpone your flight, the local authorities have the final decision if they want to accept your home quarantine approval.

  41. Hi Eugene, Do you have any info for transportation from Airport, for home quarantine? Can we arrange on our own? Any source you can share with me? Try to search cant find any.

  42. Hi Eugene, on home quarantine for fully vaccinated Malaysian, does Applicant need a caregiver to stay in the home if there is no other occupants at home? Does Covid-19 test have to be done during the home quarantine period and whether using self-test kit or by PCR test outside?

    • Hi Mun Sang Yip, for home quarantine you will need a caregiver that can support your needs for essential items. Persons under surveillance (PUS) should always remain in quarantine. As for Covid-19 test, you can arrange for a home visit and the results should be issued by a KKM approved lab.

  43. Thank you very much for the information
    I have offer letter for Ph.D program from UPM university. I have two question and I want to ask you please help me about them.
    1.If I can use the home quarantine as a new student?
    2.I fully vaccinated two dose of sinopharm but sinopharm is not in your list. If sinopharm is acceptable?
    Best Regards

    • Hi Hamed, home quarantine is currently open for fully vaccinated Malaysia citizens, PR and MM2H holders only. At the moment, they have not included sinopharm in the list of vaccines for home quarantine. You will need to arrange for hotel quarantine for now. If you need any assistance to book a premium quarantine hotel, please contact our reservations team at or WhatsApp

  44. I’m Malaysian and planning to travel back with my 2 years old baby and the reason is visiting my sick brother. Any chance the government will allow home quarantine ?

    • Hi Chung, does your home have a suitable place for quarantine? This is among one of the key criteria for home quarantine.

      Does your brother live in the same home as your place of quarantine? If yes, you might not get approval as you will be a person under surveillance (PUS) and may endanger another sick person.

  45. Hi Eugene, is there a process for the transport arrangement?

    I will be arriving in JB checkpoint from Singapore and my home quarantine location I have applied for is in Melaka.

    How does that work?

  46. Hi , When we apply for home quarantine, do we need to indicate actual arrival time or we can use estimate first, as I need to be sure my home quarantine approved first, then make a move. Can help me give link where to find HSO form, as most of the link I went is bug website. Can I also confirm, HSO form, Vacc cert, ID/Passport copy need to attached in the email. Any other doc I missed out. Thanks

    • Hi Jivi, the information you need to provide with your home quarantine application includes your travel details – travel date, arrival time, flight number and point of entry. There is no auto approval for home quarantine. Respond to application is usually given close to the departure date and some only receive approval a few days after they arrive in Malaysia. There are many factors that is taken into consideration for home quarantine, which includes the risk status of the country that you are coming from, the suitability of your home for quarantine, etc.

      The HSO form can be found on our blog post – You can download the word document and provide the information with supporting documents for application.

  47. Hi Eugene.. i want to enquire about something.. my friend finished his studies at overseas and now he is coming back to malaysia.. his application for home quarantine has been approved.. What i want to ask is the person who will fetch him from airport to home need to be quarantined as well?

    • Hi Denes, we highly recommend the person send from airport to home to be a PPE transporter for the safety of everyone as travelers arriving from abroad are considered as Persons Under Surveillance (PUS), which is the reason they need to undergo mandatory quarantine.

      If you need help to reserve a PPE transporter, please reach out to our reservations team at or WhatsApp

  48. Hi Eugene. If I am flying from Singapore to Ipoh, will there be testing facility at Ipoh airport ? Is there also quarantine hotel there ? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • Hi NYK, yes, there is testing facility at the airport upon arrival. Ipoh has standard quarantine hotels which will be assigned to you upon arrival.

  49. Hi Eugene, we have our house in Langkawi. We will arrive at KLIA though. Do you have experience how that will work out for us assuming our home quarantine will be granted.

    • Hi Berry, we would suggest that you do a hotel quarantine in KL as we don’t have ways to transfer you from KLIA to Langkawi for Persons Under Surveillance (PUS). We have yet to come across a private boat operator with PPE. If we can find a provider, we will let you know.

    • Hi Ahmad, the approval is based on the country you are travelling from, travel details and home suitability provided in your application. As risk status of country can change from time to time, we recommend that you follow as approved. The KKM team at the airport will have the final decision.

    • Hi Ching Kang Tey, yes, you can fill in one applicaton form. Please ensure both names and details are included in the form.

  50. Hi Eugene, do I need to undergo the 14 Days Quarantine if I’m travelling from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur or is it only for international arrivals? Also do I need to have a swab test result prior to my travelling date? Thanks.

    • Hi Joshua, quarantine is required for international arrivals. For Sarawak to KL, you don’t need a swab test but will require permission from PDRM for interstate travel. As rules and travel requirements can change from time to time, it’s best to reconfirm before you travel.

  51. Hi, I have a question , I appreciate it if you help me. I have PhD offer letter from University of Malaya and I am fully vaccinated by sinopharm vaccine. I want to know about the home quarantine situation?

    • Hi Nastaran, for sinopharm, you will need to do a hotel quarantine for now as it has yet to be included in the approved vaccines for home quarantine.

      • Dear Eugene, Thank you for your reply. A friend of mine has enter Malaysia with dependent visa and was fully vaccinated by sinopharm, she was home quarantine and did not stayed at hotel. Is the rule different for different people with different visa? If Malaysia does not accept sinopharm how is it possible to be different, person to person?

        • Hi Nastaran, we know of exceptions granted by KKM. You can try to submit for home quarantine but no guarantee that it will be approved.

          • Hi Nastaran, officially Sinopharm is not on the list of vaccines for home quarantine. You can try to appeal for home quarantine. Evaluation and final decision will be made by KKM. Good luck!

  52. Hi Eugene, I’m going to s’ban from sg taking flight via PCA. Flight Sg to klia, can my wife fetch me from klia airport to s’ban for home quarantine if my home quarantine approved???Using own transport.

    • Hi Gunasegaran, for the safety and the love of your family, we highly recommend that you use a PPE transporter to send you from KLIA to home.

  53. Hi Eugene, thanks for the info. I also would like to ask, when I arrive in KL from Sarawak, is there any procedure that I need to follow as I depart from KLIA and head to KL city? Or I can just book my own transportation without arranging any PPE transporter? Is there any other documents that I need to prepare besides the permit letter from PDRM?

    • Hi Joshua, currently you only require PDRM permit and follow the general SOP. You can arrange your own transport, but we highly encourage our customers to book a PPE transporter as they might be exposed to asymptomatic persons during their journey. We need to do our part to stop the spread of the virus, otherwise the number of cases will not decrease.

  54. Hi Eugene
    I’m looking to travel back with my 1 year old son who is holding a british passport; I’m a malaysian. As he is unvaccinated (I’m fully vaccinated) will there be a chance that he can quarantine at home with me?

    • Hi Shih, please submit the relevant documents including the birth cert of your son as proof of relationship to HSO for evaluation and approval.

  55. Hi Eugene
    My husband and i are trying to apply for home quarantine. We had filled the form and attached all required documents but our application email doesn’t seem to go through . Its keeps getting kicked back because it says our file is too big. Ang suggestion as how to do this pl. Thank you

  56. Hi Eugene, for Malaysian (PR SG), is there any declaration require to be submit to MOH apart home quarantine form? Kindly advise on this!

  57. Dear Eugene ,1)My wife is a PR (Taiwanese )need to fly in from Taipei , She had one dose on sinovac ,more than 28 days . If she entitled for Home quarantine ?
    2)If not then can she take a PPE from KLIA back to Ipoh Premium quarantine Hotel ?

    • Hi Alfred, for sinovac, two doses + 14 days after second dose is required to be considered as fully vaccinated. If she only has one dose, she will need to quarantine at a hotel.

  58. Hi there, am also keen to know. The MYEG site and app only allows us to make payment for quarantine and test. Anyone can advise, how do we make payment for the COVID TEST upon arrival at KLIA?

    • Hi Eddy, you can pay for the Covid test upon arrival at the airport. Accepted mode of payment includes cash and credit card.

  59. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks so much for your very detailed steps on the HSO process. I got mine approved.. woo hoo!!

    Anyone can share your experience:
    1. How do we make payment for the Covid Test upon arrival? only allows payment for BOTH quarantine and covid test.
    2. Can anyone share your experience in KLIA – how is the process? Like after alighting the plane until we leave the airport…?

  60. Hi Eugene

    Thank you so much for this site , the information given has been very helpful .

    I just have a query : I have submitted my application for Home quarantine as per required by the authorities , but yet to receive any reply . my flight is in 2 days time .

    How will they notify me of the status of my application, is it via e mail or when I check in with my sejahtera at the airport upon returning home ?

    Thank you


    • Hi Anne, they will notify you by email on your application status. If you still do not receive any response upon departure, you can check your status with the KKM officer at the airport upon arrival in Malaysia.

  61. Hi Eugene, do we still have to pre-book the PCR test upon arrival at KLIA, even if we could produce the report of negative test result which was obtained within 72hours prior to departure? Thank you.

    • Hi Tan, currently it is still a requirement to take a PCR test upon arrival at KLIA, even if you have a negative result within 72 hours before departure.

  62. Hi Eugene. I’ve applied through the new portal. No issues but after tapping submit, there’s no indication that the application went through. And we’re supposed to receive a ref number so that we can track the status. There’s nothing to show I’ve submitted. No email acknowledgement or anything received. Would you know how this works. Tqvm

    • Hi Shireen, after submitting your application you will receive an on-screen success message with a HQA Reference number (HQA Ref. No. HSO……….). Please ensure your browser pop-up blocker is deactivated.

      You will also receive an email confirming your application together with a passcode to check the status of your application online.

      • Hi Eugene,

        I have received on screen success with HQA reference number. But i did not receive any email about passcode.

          • I encountered the same problem too (passcode is not sent).Should I resubmit another application?

          • Hi Tony, if you received an on-screen reference number when you submitted your application, it has been received by KKM.

            However, if you do not see the email with the passcode, please check your spam folder to confirm the email was not received. You can email for assistance on the passcode.

  63. Hi Eugene,
    I am planning to travel from Singapore to KL via Subang airport. May I know what is the procedure upon arrival, is it the same as arrival at KLIA? Do you provide transport from Subang airport to hotel/home quarantine?

    • Hi Melissa, please let us know which airline you are arriving to Subang from Singapore. If you are arriving by charter or private jet, Subang Sky Park will arrange for your screening on arrival.

  64. Hi Eugene, I plan to take Firefly. But I want to make sure the procedure will not be too troublesome before i book my flight tickets.

    • Hi Melissa, currently there are no flights between Singapore and Subang with Firefly. Firefly plans to restart in December, subject to Government approval. We will know the procedure for Subang until closer to the flight operations date.

    • Hi Michelle, please ensure you receive an acknowledgement when you made your home quarantine application. The response time to applications is 7 days. You should be getting a reply on 28 September.

  65. Hi Eugene, I got rejected for home quarantine so I have to book a hotel. I am coming from Singapore to JB by land (Causeway bridge). However, at website when I need to key in my nationality as Malaysian, there is no option for Malaysian? I’ve scanned it multiple times but there is no Malaysian option. Do you have any idea why?

    • Hi Glenn, Malaysians can pay for quarantine and PCR test on arrival in JB. Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

  66. Hi eugene, how about dependent below 18 who have yet to be vaccinated traveling with parent? Do they qualify for home quarantine?

    • Hi Jasni, yes, you can apply for home quarantine. In the online application form, please select none under vaccine type for dependents below 18 years.

  67. Hi Eugene, I intend to come back to Johor Bahru from Singapore by land via Causeway in mid Oct. My query is do I have to take a PCR test 72 hrs. before departure? And on arrival at JB checkpoint, I still have to take another PCR test after clearance. Is this correct.

    • Hi Lai Chun Hoi, yes, you will need to take one PCR test before departure, another on arrival in JB and the last one on day 10 of your quarantine.

  68. Hi Eugene. I’ve submitted my application through the HQA portal on 25/9. My arrival date is on 2/10 but I’ve not received any response from them (except for the ref and code). Any advice on this whether I’m still able to quarantine at home? Truly appreciate your help.

    • Hi Jack, if you still have not received any response on the day of arrival, please go the home quarantine application pending lane at KLIA, the officer will assist to check and will provide you with a response.

    • Hi B, if your new flight date is within a month of the home quarantine approval date, you are not required to reapply.

  69. Hi may I know how to re-apply for HQA in less than 7 days? My application has been rejected today for the reason that no identification documents attached. I just realised that I have attached my vaccination document for the identification document by mistake, and they did not provide any way to let me send my identification document for re-consideration of my application. My date of arrival is in 5 days time and the date of arrival has been blocked off on the HQA online portal. Is there a way for me to re-apply or re-attach of identification document to re-consider my application again? I have already been fully vaccinated.

  70. Hi Eugene, thanks for the very helpful post. Just one question – my fiance and I (not legally married yet) are travelling back to an empty house. The house is under my name so I can provide proof of residence. Can I apply for both of us under the same application (will he be allowed to quarantine in the same house or is that only for legally married couple)? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Su Yi, please ensure that your fiancé’s registered address in MySejahtera is to your empty house. You can apply both under the same application but may require to provide some proof of his relationship with you.

  71. Hi Eugene, thanks for this site. I have received rejection based on overcrowding. 6 people in a 6 bedroom house. The thing is though 2 of my kids are not staying with me and the house is a semi detached with plenty of space. Is there anyway I can email them my house plans (ridiculous I know but what do they want?) Would you know?

  72. Hi Eugene, just want to check if this still applies? I have an approved HQA for 14 October but I will be arriving on the 10th now instead.

    • Hi Ashley, in your HQA approval letter, you will notice at the bottom of the first page it is stated as “The approval is only valid for one month from the date of approval and for single entry”.

      • Hello, I am a full vacc Indian expat (full vaccination done in Malaysia), My question is do i still need to apply for home quarantine after the last news by PM on 10th Oct that all Malaysian can travel abroad and get home quarantine?.

        • Hi Udit, yes, you will still need to apply for home quarantine. The announcement on 10 October is the abolishment of My Travel Pass for fully vaccinated Malaysia citizens that wants to travel abroad. Malaysians returning to Malaysia are still required to quarantine, either at home, if they have a suitable place or at a hotel.

          For expats, My Travel Pass is still required to re-enter Malaysia and quarantine is still required similar like Malaysians.

  73. Hello, i am fully vacc Indian Expat with approved my entry. Do i need to apply for home quarantine despite the 10th Oct announcement by PM??

    • Hi Udit, the announcement on 10 October is in relation to My Travel Pass and not quarantine. As of now, all travelers irrespective of vaccination status are still required to quarantine upon arrival in Malaysia.

      Effective 18 October, fully vaccinated individuals are required to quarantine for 7 days and unvaccinated or uncomplete vaccination travelers to quarantine for 10 days.

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