Guide to Dealing with Common Travel Problems

Travelling is fun but anything can go wrong, even with seasoned travellers. From lost phones to missed flights, here is a list of common travel problems travellers face, and how to solve them as you are on the go.

Lost Phone

Our phone has become one of our most important travel tools. It’s a camera, travel guide, and translator all in one. If you find that your phone is missing, try “Find My” on Apple or “Find My Device” on Google to check the location of your device. If it is connected to a network, it allows you to play a sound, lock it or remotely erase all data.

If your phone is suspect to be stolen, to head to the nearest police station and make a report to put your missing phone on their database. You will be contacted if the phone is returned to a police station. Make sure to get a copy of the police report for insurance claims.

Lost Wallet

Pickpocketing happens all around the world. When you realise that your wallet is missing, contact your bank to cancel all the debit and credit cards immediately.

In case you require cash, Mastercard and Visa offers emergency cash advance by contacting their hotline. Local currency will be wire transferred to you in 2 hours. Replacement credit card can be delivered via courier within 48 hours.

Lost Passport

The last thing that you want to lose if your passport. If your passport is confirmed missing, make a police report and contact the nearest Malaysia Embassy or High Commission.

You will be issued an Emergency Travel Certificate to travel one-way to Malaysia.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

Baggage delays are common when baggage drop off at the counter last minute or there is a very short transit between flights. Also always check that the check-in staff labels your baggage to the correct destination.

If you baggage does not arrive at the baggage carousel, report to the airline immediately. They will arrange for your luggage to be delivered to your accommodation as soon as possible. If you arrive in the middle of winter and your coat is in your missing luggage, go shop for necessities – they are claimable under “reasonable expenditure” covered by most airlines. Baggage delay or lost are also claimable with travel insurance.

Flight Delay

Flight delays are common, especially during winter season. To avoid missing out on flight schedule changes, opt for both email and SMS notifications from the airline. Flights are not just moved later, it can be shifted earlier too.

Flight that are delayed several hours or more are eligible for travel insurance claims for time wasted.

Missed Flight

Unforeseen circumstances like traffic accidents can make anyone missing a flight.

Call the airline. Check if they will allow you to board the available flight with no extra charge because of circumstances beyond your control. Otherwise, you will need to change your flight with a penalty or book a new flight.

In some cases, booking a new flight is not possible as it will automatically cancel the bother flights in your itinerary. Consult the airline staff before making a decision.

Falling Sick

Falling sick overseas can happen due to change of weather. Always bring your own medication kit of the basics – charcoal pills for diarrhoea, antihistamine for allergies and paracetamol as for headaches and fever.

If you need over-the-counter medicine, try searching online for the local equivalent. For severe symptoms, head to a doctor that preferably can speak your languages. Make sure to collect your receipt to make insurance claims!

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