Fancy a Cup of Tea? Here are 9 Reasons to Visit London this autumn.

London is one of the most popular cities in the Europe. Here are 9 top reasons to visit London on your next holiday!

If you want to experience another culture, meet new people, and see historic sites, there’s nowhere quite like England’s capital. There are almost 9 million people living in London today, which goes to show how lively and full of culture this fast-paced city is. 

As someone who’s trying to figure out where to go and what to do on your next holiday, you might be overwhelmed. There are so many amazing places in the world that you can visit, after all! London, though, is a city that shines so brightly that it puts many of the other places on your bucket list to shame.

Here, we’re going to tell you the top nine reasons that you should visit London for your next holiday!

1. The Beautiful Architecture

If you’ve ever seen photographs of London, then you’ve seen the beautiful stone buildings columned with marble and cut into intricate patterns. The architecture in the city is especially beautiful in its diversity- since London is such an old city, you’ll see buildings made in a wide variety of ways using technologies that span across time.

Since London is so diverse, you’ll also see buildings modelled from different culture’s architecture. Chiswick House in West London, for example, uses classical Greek architecture to make it one of the most unique structures in the city. All English churches are lovely, too, because no two are alike.

2. The Public Transit

You’re likely laughing at this header, but we’re deadly serious: the Tube is a huge draw when visiting London. If you want to be able to see sites at various locations in a city but aren’t a local, an efficient public transportation system is a must.

The Tube is the best of the best as far as transit goes. Not only does it move quickly, but the trains come super often. If you miss your train, there’s nothing to worry about- another will come in under five minutes.

3. The Rich History

One of the hugest pulls to London is, for many people, the rich history that the city holds. You can explore over a thousand years of British history by visiting various historical locations and learning about what took place there. Most offer inexpensive audio tours and affordable entry, so look about yourself for interesting possibilities!

Make sure that you hit the Tower of London, a castle that has over its centuries of existing has been a military fortress and a prison that held hundreds of royals at various points in time. Be sure to also check out Westminster Abbey, the grave of royals like Elizabeth I and her sister Mary as well as the final resting place of literary greats like Dickens.

4. The Walking Tours

Speaking of history, another way to learn about it in a fun way is by taking a walking tour. During these, you will be accompanied through a specific part of London by a knowledgeable tour guide. This expert will discuss whatever subject you’ve selected for your tour in detail, pointing out the places where history happened.

Whether you want to take a walking tour documenting the history of the Jewish people in the City of London or one where you learn about the Ripper’s chilling murder spree in Whitechapel, there’s a tour for you.

5. The Literary Legends

London isn’t just a great place for history enthusiasts- it’s perfect for book nerds, too. The city has been home to many of the greatest names in literature. To begin with, head over to Dickens house to see the desk where he wrote Great Expectations and David Copperfield. 

If you’re a Holmes fan, you also can’t miss the Sherlock museum. This is a shrine to Doyle’s stories and a recreation of Holmes and Watson’s home, complete with easter eggs that fans will love. You’ll never forget the address, either- it’s at 221B Baker Street!

6. Hatchard’s Bookshop

If you love literature, you’re likely already in heaven after visiting the museums we discussed above. But wait, it gets better! Hatchard’s bookshop in Piccadilly is one of the finest stores in all the world. Established in 1797, this magnificent building has five stories of books, each one better than the last.

Whether you want to buy a contemporary romance or a cloth-bound classic, Hatchard’s is perfect for you.

7. Outdoor Adventures

London doesn’t just offer up beautiful spaces where you can explore history or curl up with a book, though- it’s just as beautiful outside as it is indoors. Look into large parks like Hyde Park where you can buy an ice cream and paddle boat in the lake. Don’t gloss over small parks and gardens where you might want to stop, picnic, and smell the flowers, the city is filled with natural beauty.

Another fun outdoor activity is to check out the markets around London. Camden Market and the like offer a variety of handmade foods and goods that you’ll love to look at. There’s also a string orchestra at a few sometimes!

8. The Food

You’ve likely heard stereotypes about English food, citing that it’s bland or poor quality. This isn’t the case at all, though. Once you get accustomed to English food (as you must with the cuisine of any new place), there’s much to love.

London is full of amazing restaurants. From Italian cuisine to breakfast chains like Bill’s, there’s so much variety that you’re sure to find something you’ll crave years in the future. For added fun, try food from stands on the street, markets, and even in Tube stations. (There’s a really good pasty cart in King’s Cross station. Trust us. You don’t want to miss out.)

9. The Hidden Gems

Some of the best times we’ve had in London were just exploring, ducking into a teashop for a scone, finding secondhand bookstores, and walking the streets looking for unexplored gems.

Just strolling about London is an adventure. Take a walk along Embankment, Fleet Street, or the Strand and marvel not only at the huge array of stores but also at the buildings around you. You’ll find lots of Instagram-worthy sites you’re sure to love.

Visit London Now!

Deciding where you want to take a holiday can be a challenge. You want to go somewhere with interesting culture, amazing sites, and beautiful places to relax. Luckily, London has all these things and more, so why wait? Get ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime in England’s lively capital.

Now that you know nine of the many reasons that you should visit London today, it’s time to get started with planning your trip! Click here to learn more about booking a trip to one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world.


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