Encore Melaka Closed Until Further Notice

Starting 16 February 2020, Encore Melaka will reduce showtimes to once daily at 5.30pm except Wednesday.

Encore Melaka is closed until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Encore Melaka Show

Encore Melaka – Impression Series is an immersive performance based on a series of untold stories of Melaka. Opened on 07 July 2018, Encore Melaka puts up a magnificent and spectacular show. Expect high energy choreography, vivid stage setting with creative lighting and unbelievable stage effects.

The 70-minute show recounts long forgotten tales. From Cheng Ho’s diplomatic mission to indigenous settlement and cross-cultural encounters of Baba Nyonya.

Encore Melaka Drum Scene
Encore Melaka – Drum Scene

The Auditorium

The show is held in a 360-degree rotating auditorium, the first in Southeast Asia. The theatre hall is unlike any other. The audience seats are situated on an island surrounded by massive screens. To get to your seats, you have cross over the stage.

The seating capacity is 2,000 and it has state-of-the-art theatre technology. Sophisticated hydraulics system supports the 240-meter-long stage, multi-layered stages, advanced audio, and 3D video mapping projection equipment. All this technology is synchronized to create a vivid and immersive theatre experience.

The Producer

The inclusiveness of Melaka is expressed through traditional and contemporary dance performed by two hundred Malaysia performers and directed by Wang Chaoge. She is the creative force behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony to express her feelings for Melaka – past, present, and future.

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