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First Trip Together? 10 Tips for Couples Travelling Together

Even if you two have been together for a long time, taking a trip together will test your relationship. Here are 10 tips for couples travelling together.

Planning your first trip away together as a couple? It’s an exciting and anxiety-inducing time when you decide to book your first couple’s holiday.

Neither of you wants to admit it’s a small test of your relationship’s strength, but you both know the truth. Or do you? A study conducted in 2016 found that about 40% of couples expect to fight at least once while on holiday together and 1 in 10 actually broke up after their trip.

If you don’t want to end up alone after your vacation, you need to check out the following tips for couples travelling together. 

Couples Travelling Together

10 Essential Tips for Couples Travelling Together for the First Time

Don’t let silly arguments or misunderstandings ruin your holiday. Here are 10 essential tips to make your first vacation together as a couple a roaring success.

1. Choose a Destination That Makes You Both Excited

What kind of vacation do you enjoy most? Are you the backpacker-type or someone who prefers a hassle-free all-inclusive holiday? Then talk to your partner about what kind of holidays they enjoy.

You both want to feel excited at the prospect of the trip. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to fail from the start!

Couples Trip Planning

2. Avoid Misunderstanding Through Planning

Start planning even before you decide on a destination.

Again, you and your partner may have very different ideas about what makes a holiday. Some people prefer to view museums and other interesting cultural sites while others may prefer to check out the local shops and stores.

Share what activities or accommodations you enjoy while travelling and discuss their favourites with them. Try to choose a destination that offers a highlight for both of you.

3. Communicate Expectations

One important aspect of planning your first vacation together is to openly and respectfully communicate any expectations you have of the trip. This goes beyond the cities you’ll see and the types of things you want to do.

You need to discuss how you expect one another to behave in certain situations like if one of you gets sick. You also need to talk about any fears or reservations each of you may have so you can support each other accordingly.

The holiday will expose these expectations regardless if you mean to reveal them or not. It’s better to take the time and consider how you hope you will each behave to avoid arguments later.

Remember you’re there to learn about your partner so be prepared to encounter new sides you maybe didn’t expect.

Couples Travel Money

4. Set a Budget Based on the Partner with Lower Income

Planning also means budgeting for the trip. At least it’s a good idea to set a holiday budget if you want to try and avoid arguing about money.

Talk about this before you pick your destination and include it in your discussions about expectations. One smart solution is to create a budget based on the income of the partner who earns less.

The higher income partner won’t feel obligated to pick up the bill for expensive accommodations. And the lower income partner won’t need to feel bad about their financial situation.

5. Avoid Camping or Road Trips

Couples travelling on their first holiday together often have not spent much time in close quarters. Maybe avoid camping or road tripping as your first trip, unless it’s both your thing.

Spending 24 hours a day together for several days at a time in small quarters may put you a little too close. If you aren’t ready for that level of intimacy (or gas), you may want to avoid camping or road tripping the first time away.

Couples Trip to Bali

6. Stick to a Shorter Trip First

The same goes for the length of your trip. If you and your partner never spend more than a few days together at a time, booking a month-long holiday may prove difficult.

Stick to a weekend away together somewhere not too far away. You can even search for the cheapest random destination from your local airport.

If a weekend away doesn’t work, you may want to avoid long trips in the future.

7. Set Packing Boundaries

Discussing expectations regarding packing should also occur before you finalize your destination.

Some people feel comfortable packing a weeklong trip in only a backpack. While others feel they need several suitcases for the same length of time.

Set boundaries for how much each partner can pack so there’s no confusion. You should also discuss if one partner expects help to carry their luggage while on holiday, or if you plan to take individual responsibly.

Couples Travel Together

8. Use Strengths and Weaknesses to Your Advantage

Each partner in a couple has their own strengths and weaknesses.

One of you may speak the local language and can help translate while out and about. The other may know how to organize and can book activities and transportation. One of you may be a better driver while the other can always find north.

Identify these and use them to your advantage while you travel.

9. Plan Some Solo Time During the Trip

Even on a short holiday away, you should plan some things to do solo if you haven’t spent a lot of time alone together.

This creates the perfect opportunity to partake in an activity your partner may not enjoy doing while they do something else they prefer. It also gives you something to talk about after spending all your other days together.

10. Be Ready to Compromise

Finally, you’re in a couple now and sometimes you need to compromise. This extends beyond your first vacation together into every aspect of your relationship.

If one of you refuses to compromise on small things now, how do you expect to face bigger, and less fun challenges in the future?

Couples Trip To Maldives

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Couples travelling together the first time should have no fears if they communicate before they leave. Setting expectations and making a plan will help you both have a wonderful trip that you can look back on long in the future.

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