About Us

We are glad that you visited our website. This is the part where we tell you a little bit about us. We’d love to share our passion for travel with you.


Our team is always ready to assist you with your travel needs. Just reach out and let us take care of the arrangements for you.

Award Winning

We are award-winning and accredited travel professionals for the best airfare, accommodations, cruises, attractions, tours and much more.


We are passionate about travel and sharing the world's wonders on the leisure travel side, and over the years, we have satisfied more than 30,000 clients.


We stand behind the service we offer with an unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Leisure Holidays is a Malaysian based online travel agency. We share our passion for travel through storytelling and the work that we do. 

Whether it’s through writing, photography, messaging or speaking to you over the phone, we hope to inspire you to seek new experiences. It could be a country on your bucket list, a city that intrigues you, or a dish you’ve never tried. Anything that’s a new slice of the world!



Who We Are


The Thinker. Plans and ensures everything runs smoothly.


The Creative. Make everything look beautiful.


The Wizard. Finds the best travel deals for you.


The Magician. Finds the best travel deals for you.


The Hunter. Works with suppliers to secure deals.


The Magus. Finds the best travel deals for you.


Our Sorcerer. Finds the best travel deals for you.


The Keeper. Crunch numbers and keeps our money safe.


Mission & Vision


Leisure Holidays invests in digital technology that helps take the stress out of travel. We connect travellers with incredible places to stay, things to do and more. 


Leisure Holidays is committed to offer an informative and user-friendly website. Our goal is to provide leisure travellers worldwide with easy and cost effective travel reservations. 

Content First

We strive to make each of our posts informative, entertaining, or both. We do our best to add value to our readers’ user experience and be as useful as we can. We believe our content is why our readers trust our blog and share our articles. We are protective of our content and have always held it sacred.