7 Reasons To Take A European River Cruise

From the historical fanatics to hopeless romantics, there is truly something for everyone.

If you have never taken a European river cruise, you are missing a spectacular unforgettable experience. From the historical fanatics to hopeless romantics, there is truly something for everyone. Whether you want to go to Europe or just thinking about cruising in general, here are great reasons why you should take a European river cruise.

  1. See a lot in a short period: If you want to see Europe and don’t have a lot fo time, a river cruise is the perfect choice. You get to see some of the most iconic cities in the world and sometimes up to 10 different countries!
  2. More time: The cruise usually sails at night while you sleep which means more time in the city during daylight hours. Also you only have to unpack & pack once!
  3. Comfort: Safety, comfort and relaxation are important parts of cruising life. For those who have a tendency to be seasick or have fears of the big ocean, you don’t fret as the coastline is just a hop, skip and jump away.
  4. Sightseeing Included: With river cruises, sightseeing or shore excursions are included in your cruise fare. These tours help make the most of the cities that you are discovering.
  5. The Scenery: There are no words to describe the picturesque scenery . Enjoy the rolling landscape, fairytale castles and sunsets on the horizon over the pristine rivers.
  6. Value For Money: A European river cruise is worth every Ringgit and more for what you get in return. Hospitable onboard service, intimate cruise atmosphere, sightseeing and more.
  7. Friends: You have an opportunity to meet and make friends with fellow cruise passengers from all over the world.
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